"I see the dreams of men but it is the nightmares that I live in."



Dean Lorey's "NIGHTMARE ACADEMY" the first of 3 novels will be released in September 2007 by Harper Collins. The film rights have been sold to Universal and to be produced by Bob Ducsay and Stephen Sommers (THE MUMMY, THE MUMMY RETURNS, VAN HELSING). Dean has already written the first draft of the script. I can tell you right now the novel is so much fun in the vein of Harry Potter and Hell boy but with many more creatures, it's such a ride. I'm actually mentioned in the novel how cool is that?

Dean commissioned me to do some designs and creature paintings for his web site I had tons of fun designing some of these more whimsical creatures as I'm used to doing darker and more realistic ones.

I'll be putting some of the art in my gallery soon, but in the meantime go check out Dean's page.

APRIL 29, 2007

It's been a while since I updated, sorry folks I've been real busy with a bouncing baby boy and freelancing. I do have new images posted in the illustration and concept Gallery sections Gallery.

I've also been helping my friend Dean Lorey author of "Nightmare Academy" which is optioned for a film. I've been doing some illustration and designs for his website, really fun stuff. I'll be posting some art I did for him and also a link to his new website once it's up.

Here's a sneak peak of something Im working on now for White Wolf.

stay tuned,

J.P. Targete

JAN 31, 2007

Targete Art is proud to announce that we now have original paintings and drawings available for purchase, please visit the FOR SALE section of the website to see the pieces available. This is a great chance for collectors and fans of J.P's art to snatch up an original since J.P. rarely sells his work in other venues.

We will also be putting up a selection of prints to buy very soon. Books will also be available soon including the long anticipated Targete sketchbook. For now if you don't already own it check out "Illumina the art of J.P. Targete" limited edition copies.

JAN 28, 2007

And so it begins, a warrior is born and the Targete name lives on. Thank you everyone who signed the guestbook with congrats and kind words, me and my family are very thankful for your support.

There's a small acrylic painting I did for my son called "The little fisherman" which will go in his nursery. You can view it here "The little fisherman". The piece depicts a little boy who loves fishing and goes on a fantasy adventure meeting diffrent characters and creatures. He meets a native of a lost civilization who guides him through these adventures. In the painting the native shows him a rare sight "Behold the the great Kulan." a gigantic "bone fish" with a city on its back.

JAN 3, 2007

Happy New Year everyone!

I'ts been awhile since I've updated my site not to mention post any news or happenings. Alot has happened these last two years, and it's been exciting, one them is that I'll soon be a DAD very shortly..and boy it's exciting, me and the wife are totally ready for it, or at least I hope so :).

I guess your wondering whats with the new look. Well I've finally got around to updating this old gallery and mind you we have alot of goodies for you. The website has been totally revamped with a slicker gallery system that will allow me to upload images quicker and update regularly, whatever that means.

The new galleries included are Illustration both traditional and digital, Concept art both characters and creatures, environments and props. I also have a Sneak peak as I did before but this system will allow me to update more often..freakin sweet! I also have a speed painting and scrap gallery which will be alot of fun to update with messy quickies. The "FOR SALE" section will have tons of prints, original oil paintings sketch books and goodies galore .

My Gnomon Workshop DVD's are finally out , if your a pro or a student or just someone interested in learning the steps and what it takes to complete a full color illustration from your imagination then this DVD might be what your looking for. Many long hours went into this but I'm happy with the way it turned out, you can check them out here:

Oh on a movie tip a good friend of mine who actually owns a few of my originals just sold a movie to Universal pictures and is writing the script as we speak, he has also sold the novel to Harper Collins, his name is Dean Lorey you can check out his website here: deanlorey.com,

Dean is a great friend and a very talented writer, look out for his books "The Nightmare Academy".

You can check out the illustration I did for Dean here "The nightmare Academy"

I've also started work on my graphic novel, it's "hush hush" for now, until I actually get somewhere with it, but heres a sneak peak. The graphic novel.

Well thats it for now, till next time, keep dreaming the dream and and never stop creating!

J.P. Targete